About Bethesda

In 1976, Bethesda University was founded on a Christian groundwork derived from Pentecostal Theology to equip future leaders with the professional skills needed to become leaders in world peace and world missions by building churches and Bible institutions around the world.

In the initial years of the 21st century and into the future, BU's goal is to be a global center for Christian academic training that produces devoted Christian leaders and professionals in the Pentecostal movement and in the worship of God.

Bethesda University is a Christ-centered community of higher education preparing Korean/English speaking men and women with professional competence, academic excellence, and spiritual integrity to be servant leaders in the Church, community, and global society. To fulfill its mission, Bethesda University is committed to the following goals:


  The university is committed to...
   Provide instruction for personal and professional development within a Pentecostal/Charismatic environment;  
   Create in students the recognition of the authority of Scripture and provide them foundational knowledge of the Bible;  
   Encourage development of an integrative spiritual life;  
   Provide learning skills that access knowledge for vocation success and enables students to express their views;  
   Equip students with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes for success in their professions;  
   Cultivate within students a spirit of inquiry and reflective discernment in the quest for knowledge and truth;  
   Enhance spiritual development by encouraging students in personal prayer and the spiritual disciplines;  
   Increase students’ biblical knowledge of moral and ethical standards and encourage a lifestyle based on God’s Word;  
   Prepare students for service and vocation in the Church and society;  
   Create awareness and motivation for lifelong education and development;  
   Operate in an efficient and effective manner in order to steward its God-given resources.  
In harmony with the mission and institutional goals of the school, Bethesda University expects certain outcomes to be demonstrated in its graduates. These foundational outcomes are enlarged upon by the specific measurable objectives articulated in each academic program offered by the institution. The combination of these institutional objectives for each student and the objectives for each academic program provides a basis for assessing a student’s progress and the institution’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.


  Students graduating from Bethesda will...  
   Evidence a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ;  
   Evidence the fruit of the Spirit in their lives;  
   Evidence the recognition of the authority of Scripture in their lives;  
   Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the Word and the ability to apply its principles to life;  
   Evidence a commitment to and ability to share their faith;  
   Evidence the basic skills and knowledge for their vocational success;  
   Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate in written and spoken form;  
   Evidence reasoning skills with the ability to interpret and integrate knowledge;  
   Demonstrate the ability for research on a post-secondary level; and  
   Indicate a commitment to lifelong learning and growth.