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"Why Become Part of Bethesda Athletics"

Bethesda University realizes that the total college experience is a balance of activity in and out of the classroom. It is the philosophy of the college athletic department that competitive lessons learned on the field of play are often as valuable as those lessons learned off of it, and the ability to apply those life lessons are only enriched through fulfilling athletic experiences.

Student/Athletes at Bethesda embrace the athletic experience, but not at the expense of sportsmanship, ethical behavior, or the health and well being of our Student/Athletes. No victory, regardless of how big the opponent or important the contest is worth the price if it jeopardizes the well being of a student.

For many students, participation in intercollegiate athletics provides not only the opportunity to enjoy the sport of their choice and become the best athlete they can be, but also the opportunity to travel to other college campuses. Bethesda seeks opportunities for athletes to apply the leadership skills they acquire through their athletic experience to the campus and community. Throughout the year, teams take part in a variety of service projects and recognize the value of those experiences. The Athletic Department also recognizes the importance of providing equitable athletic opportunities for male and female athletes and will strive to assure a positive experience for all its athletes.

Bethesda University competes as a Division I member of the National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCAA) and endorses the Division I goal of integration of athletics and academics. In keeping with that spirit, the coaching staff recognizes the importance of academic success and supports its athletes on and off the field.