The Flames Seeded No. 4 for the NCCAA Nationals

The Flames Seeded No. 4 for the NCCAA Nationals

Kissimmee, FL. - The Flames have landed in Florida to join other eight teams to compete for the NCCAA National Championship Title. Twenty-one palyers lead by two coaches are 'pumped up' and ready to 'fight'. All the teams who have joined the finals are ready to compete, and the team who will be best prepared, will come home ith the Championship Title.

This is Head coach's Ricardo Balders first National Tournament, and he is excited to show his team to the rest of the country. The Flames as the team have joined the National Tournamnet for the third time in a row without a luck to pass the group, but according to the head coach, the returners have learned from the little mistakes they had made before and have mentored the Freshmen throughout the season to complete the missing points and show their best performance. The Flames finished their regular season with overall score 15-2-1, which is the best score Bethesda University has had in the men's soccer history. 

On November 28, 2018 @6PM the Flames will play their forst group game vs. Mid-Amerca Christain University, and the second game of the group games will be on November 29, 2017 @6PM vs. Indiana Wesleyan University. 

All BU supporters are welcome to watch the Flames on live stream by clicking on link