Igniting Flames within the Community

Igniting Flames within the Community

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Bethesda's Women's Basketball program is committed to giving back to the community throughout the season. By providing opportunities for student-athletes to serve, these young women make meaningful contributions to society. The team as a whole, as well as individual student-athletes, is involved in numerous charity and community organizations, schools and events. 


This summer, the Lady Flames have been busy helping with Hope Leadership Foundation's summer camps and events. For an entire week in March, coaches and players helped run Hope Leadership Foundation's annual Spring Break Basketball Camp. The ladies assisted in organizing and running drills, leading bible study and providing fellowship to the youth in San Diego. Later in June, the coaches and ladies once again led HLF's week long Summer Basketball Camp.


"As the team works together to run these events, they get to spend time working toward a common goal outside of our sport." Head Coach Patty Medina said, "These events allow the ladies to interact with their coaches and teammates in a different environment than they are used to and can gain a sense of achievement as a group."


Hope Leadership Foundation is a Christian Non-Profit based out of San Diego that allows children to participate in sports camps for free, all while providing lunch and a free t-shirt to each participant. HLF is a Christ centered youth ministry working within the community and its youth. The goal of the organization is to help kids from kindergarten through college succeed in life by means of mentor ship in educational support, arts, sports, recreation and spiritual development. Many of the Bethesda Flames hail from San Diego, which makes it even more of a blessing to be able to give back to the community.


"We all came together and worshiped The Lord with our common love for the game [of basketball]. God is truly amazing. He gave me the opportunity to really bond with some of the kids at the camp." Junior Angela Steel commented, "He also gave me the opportunity to bond with new and old teammates by coming together to coach the kids."


The Flames have also had a chance to showcase their talents outside of basketball by helping run HLF's surf, baseball and volleyball camps this summer. Student-athletes have a lot on their plates, but they believe in giving back and, even more importantly, they are making the time to do it. Regardless of the activity, the ladies credit community service as a rewarding opportunity that enhances their Bethesda college experience.